Thursday, 31 January 2013

Change of heart

the right decision for me and mine!

Oh dear, you think you've made the right decision and then you realise it was the completely WRONG thing for you. 

After thinking I could make a go of a paper craft business I have decided that it isn't that I couldn't do it, but that I don't WANT to do it - I am no where driven enough for that. I love being at home, looking after the house and my men, cooking and baking. I could not do all of that if I had to really concentrate on promoting my handmade things to the extent that is necessary to make a success of things.

I am happy to craft for pleasure and take part in the fantastic events put on by the amazing Saddleworth Creative Network. The next event is the Spring Craft Festival in March - more details will follow! I'll be there supporting their fantastic promotion of local crafters and artisans, whilst selling cards and paper craft lovelies along with cakes and preserves - for fun! Hope to see some of you there!

My blog will not really change as it is what it says, ramblings of a non-blonde blonde who loves creating and baking. I really think my blog represents me as a person more than Paper Craft Junkie as a business ever could.

Hope you will continue to stop by now and again to see what I'm getting up to and whatever it is I am rambling on about!

Catch ya later!xxx

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