Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Aspirational Countryphile!

If it were possible I would languish amid the hallowed pages of Country Living magazine, truly I would. Given the choice I would spend my time yomping around in wellies and my apron, feeding my chickens, then gather my beautifully home grown flowers in a self-woven willow trug. These would be placed on my up-cycled tea table next to a delicious, home baked lemon drizzle cake. The final thing I am, fortunately, capable of producing.

I take inspiration for lots of projects around my home including a paper crafting obsession, hobby, and decorations for all seasons. (It has to be said that Christmas is not Christmas without my issue of Country Living, but it is far too early to discuss that even though I absolutely love the C word.)

My aspiration to be the perfectly styled, but shabbily chic, wife and mother is something I could turn into more of a reality, if only I could fit it in between the school run, my "hobby", Beaver meetings and Judo classes for my boys.

However, each month I wait with bated breath for the glorious thump as my monthly subscription of this perfect publication drops onto the mat. I make a fresh pot of coffee, plus warmed milk, and cut myself a slice of that home baked lemon drizzle and relish every page.

Country Living is described as “a lifestyle magazine for people who either live or dream of living in the country”. Me? I would be happy enough to just hop inside the pages and reside there in my wellies and apron.

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