Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring is nearly sprung!

Well, my countdown to Spring tells me we only have 13 days to go. Yee ha Grandma!!

I could not resist any longer! I have started to put up some decorations and Spring lovelies around the living room and kitchen. My banner is in pride of place on the mantle along with a couple of other little things I made. See here!

A closer look at the detail


And also, after seeing one of the gorgeous goodies available on  Lil Vintage Makes that inspired me, I have used a florist's collar, wrapped a spring garland of birds around it and now wait to buy some daffs or hyacinths to put in the vase!

Hope you enjoy decorating as much as I do and I would love you to share pictures of them with  Paper Craft Junkie!

Catch ya later!xx

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