Thursday, 7 March 2013

Guest Crafting Companion!


This post, I hope, will be the first of an ad hoc series called Crafty Companions, where I invite fellow crafters to tell the blog about themselves. I am delighted to say my first guest is the very talented Sarah Hobson from Hobson's Choice(Crafts). She has taken time out of her busy crafting schedule to tell us how she was recently featured in Simply Homemade Magazine

This wreath is one of my favourites of her creations. Love a good wreath any time of the year! 

Here is her story, and then why not visit her Facebook page and shop to see more of the wonderful choice of  crafts made by Sarah? 

  The day had started the same as most others then..... POW!!  

Hi, my name is Sarah Hobson and I am the founder of Hobson Choice(Crafts). From Humble beginnings Hobson's Choice was created in our lounge in the cottage 'up the lane'. Two years ago I taught myself to sew and now here I sit with a double page feature in a fabulous craft magazine under my belt!
I had dropped the girls off at school, made myself a cuppa then began opening my emails. Here I found the most amazingly jaw dropping opportunity from the Editor of  
Simply Homemade magazine !!

The email outlined that an interview with pictures of my work would appear in the next publication. 

WOW! Really? Me, Hobson's Choice? WOW!!!

With the submitting process complete it became an exciting waiting game for 
Hobson's Choice to be in print for the world to see. Publication date arrived and I nervously approached the magazine stand, fighting all urges not to rip open the edition and tell everybody in the queue -  "this is me!!!"

I am a normal Mum of three with all the trials and tribulations of everyday life and then some. I could never have dreamt two years ago that Hobson's Choice would have come this far. I am so proud of all I have achieved - it just goes to show what can happen with an idea and lots of hard work!

Thank you, Louise, for inviting me to write my first article be your first guest  
Crafty Companion.

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