Friday, 12 April 2013

Digging for Victory at Pig Row.

I feel sure you have heard from me before about my friend Carol and her husband Andrew. They share their life with us via their fantastic blog, Life On Pig Row . They happily and knowledgeably dispense help and advice giving us all a peek into their world, "nestled on the high hills of the Yorkshire Moors" about gardening, growing your own and the good life, amongst other things.

 Our journey into 1943 and the wartime garden.

Just now Carol and Andrew are working on a wonderfully interesting project as they are currently re-creating a wartime garden. 

Fantastic news is that there efforts have been featured on the gardening blog belonging to The Guardian newspaper. 

I am so very happy to share the link to the blog where you can read all about their wartime gardening efforts; you can see how they have been bringing back old time seeds and forgotten varieties to their garden.

Please visit their blog to find out about their endeavours! You cannot fail to be inspired or  just lovingly educated about gardening in times gone by when it helped to Make Do And Mend, Dig For Victory and we find that presently, with Carol and Andrew, fortune definitely favours the bold!


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