Friday, 19 April 2013

Cake Club Chat Time!

Have you heard of the The Clandestine Cake Club?

I was invited to my first by my friend Carol from Dormouse and The Teapot. This lovely Sunday afternoon event was held at the photographic studio of Jude Gidney. It was lovely to meet friends old and new. As the name suggests, the venue for the event is a secret until a few day before so that is quite exciting. 

There is a theme and you bring along your cake to share with the other invited guests; what could be more lovely than the chance to make, take and share lovely home bakes?

With it being April, the theme was about trying to fool people into perhaps thinking your cake was something other than what it appeared to be at first sight.

Here is my offering, a courgette and maple syrup. Looking pretty much like a regular loaf cake but slightly more savoury than sweet and very delicious by all accounts, including my husband!

 Here are some more photos of the lovely goodies that were on offer!

What a lovely spread!

This was just lovely, Carol's French Cake (my favourite) with goat's cheese, prunes and pistachios. Yum!

Here is Sabine's Baumkuchen, delcious according to my husband.
Carol's husband, Andrew, more used to mixing it up in the garden baked his Trifle cake. Looking good Andrew!

Here we have Hazel's mock Spaghetti Bolognese cake, with yummy Ferrero Rocher meatballs! Plus a lovely semolina based cake and pashion fruit and orange squares.
 It was a a lovely event to be invited to and I look forward to my next clandestine gathering. why not visit their website and see if there is a club in your area, and if not set up your own!

Drop by again soon.xx

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