Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sunflowers can brighten anyone's day!

Today I bought some sunflowers after finding myself very envious indeed when I recently saw a front garden with around 10 of them soaring into the air for about eight feet! Mine are NOT quite that big but I love them - you just can't help smiling when you see them. I have used them in my decorations for autumn and am happy now with the result so thought I would share them with you. My plan is that as I have cut between five and six inches off the stems the water will not have so far up to go hence they may last that little bit longer?

A microwave is a microwave is a microwave so you have to make the best of it I suppose.

I do have some spare hessian/burlap, whichever you call it, so I my tweak this one. I bought a copy of A Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden from a charity shop for £1 a while ago and it comes in so handy for displays, card making and general crafting. (Much to my mother's dismay that I cut up any book at all!) The wood chips are from, well I can't remember where, and you can't go wrong with a spool of string. I am taking much of my inspiration from Country Living magazine - now all bow in unison!

Now, the front window flowers I sort of miss out on in the daytime because I like to have them facing out, but here they are in all their glory.

The little red dahlia is from my front garden, I thank you! Chuffed to be able to add something I actually grew myself. However, my little patch at the front of the house is in need of a certain amount of weeding, as are the boxes in the back yard, but that is for another day.

Finally, I love to decorate the mantle piece at any time of the year so autumn is no exception. Was looking for a mix of colours and textures again and quite happy with this.

The open-paged book is called The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill. It is just a wonderful look at the seasons of the year with the odd recipe, gardening tips and general goings on of country life. I have loved this book since being young and never fail to dip into it without finding a little gem of countryside-inspired prose. I love earthenware anything hence the plant pot and the flowery tin was found in "the shed".

Finally, and partly to cover the scaffolding from the pointing that is going on around that side of the house at the moment, this is the other window in the living room. This book was produced by the ladies at Pretty Nostalgic magazine. Much like the charity shop find, I use this wonderful 12 x 12 inch book for the things previously mentioned. Plus it is a wonderful source of ideas and lots of old and beloved things from the past that help you make your modern home just that little bit different, or that is how I feel anyway.

So, there you have it - my autumnal decorations. I am planning a scout around a few charity shops on Saturday I hope so may find a few more goodies then. Catch ya later! xx


  1. Hi, Louise! Thanks so much for stopping by my site! I am so glad to connect with you and stop by for a visit! Your site is adorable and looks like you are sharing some great stuff! :)

    1. Chrissy. Thank you for your kind words to a novice blogger. I continue looking to you for inspiration.x


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