Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Baking Challenge Day 2 - oops!

Hi. I have a confession to make - I failed on day two of my challenge. I knew I had a lot on this week and thought it might be a tight squeeze to get it done and so there we are.

I had a tonne of stuff to do yesterday. With the decorating just getting finished I was in a bit of a mess downstairs and had to go out and get a can of paint anyhow. I had been given some lush red and also stripey green home-grown tomatoes and needed to get them made into chutney so that was on the agenda - see below how it turned out.

Also I had agreed to put a couple of things together as a raffle prize for a local hospital fundraiser so made a lemon drizzle cake and popped it in a bag with some of the rhubarb jam I made the other week - always useful when you have something in stock for a sudden request. So I am afraid the personal baking went out the window. We were going out as a family to one of the boys' after school activities so had to get a requested sausage pasta bake made for them before I did the school run. 

I feel I am full of excuses but glad I could help out so don't feel so very bad.

So just now I am having a breather after doing most of the cleaning up as the painting is finished.

Well, I now need to go and find something I can definitely get completed for the challenge today - I would be no good AT ALL on The Great British Bake Off with my time keeping!


  1. Chutney sounds lovely Louise, I bet the Lemon Drizzle and Rhubarb Jam went down well too!


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