Monday, 14 October 2013

My Second Annual Baking Challenge.

Well, here we are National Baking Week 2013. I have given myself the challenge, again, of making something for the first time every day from now until Friday. This is in honour of National Baking Week. Hurrah!

Today's recipe, I admit, did not tax the brain too much but I have had a really busy day and I am also trying to create and bake around my hubby who is currently re-decorating the living room, so can't complain really.

Today I have made banana and chocolate flapjack and here is the finished product.

Pleased to say they went down well with all the men in my house. I hope to post the recipe on Foody Fun at some point.

Today I am also able to share with you a papercraft commission I have recently been working on, a birthday guest book.  

The party will have a burlesque theme so this is all gilt and feathery; I particularly like the gold-effect book mark.

That is is just now as we are mid-way through bath time and I have one lot of reading to do before bedtime. Just off to Twitter this to a few people to spread the word of creating and baking!

Catch ya later! xx


  1. The flapjacks look good. My daughter would love these as they have 2 of her favourite foods, bananas and chocolate!

    Nikki x @ bead it and weep

  2. Thanks, Nikki. I'm not proud about where I get my recipes. I just Googled banana flapjacks and this one came up on Netmums. Hope you will stop by for my other challenge bakes, although it will be a tight squeeze fitting today's one in.x

  3. Flapjacks look gorgeous - fresh banana or chips ? Very pretty Guest book, I like the feathers!

  4. Fresh Mary, and thanks,x See you on Nov 10! xx


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