Monday, 17 February 2014

Homemade cleaning wipes

Morning! Finally got round to doing something I have thought about for a while - my own cleaning wipes. I have recently discovered the benefits of using soda crystals for cleaning so thought I would give this a go.

I have used said soda crystals, lemon juice and some water. In a bowl I put half a cup of the crystals, a quarter cup of lemon juice and half a cup of water. The lemon juice and soda crystals make a lovely fizz when they react with each other! You could also add tea tree oil if you want a more disinfectant wipe.


Then you can use something like Plenty Big One or Super Strong paper sheets for the actual wipes if you don't have anything in your rag bag to use. As I was just trying out the recipe today I have gone for the paper sheets but recently recycled some of my boys' old jimmers so will use those next time and, of course, you can wash and reuse those again!

Then you soak your sheets/rags in the cleaning solution and ring them out. I have used old take away boxes to store mine in so I can keep one upstairs and one in the kitchen. I have poured a little more of the solution into the box to keep them really moist. The mixture I have given here should be good for 30 sheets but probably less for the rags if they are thicker. they can be used for wiping round the basin and toilet or wiping down tops in the kitchen, anything really.
There are lots of recipes for this kind of thing on the internet/Pinterest so see what works for you and give it a go.

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