Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fun things we do during half term hols!

With half term just around the corner I thought I would share something about how we spend some of our time during the hols.

When you plan something, and boy do I like to plan, it doesn't always follow that everything works how you would like - but I think it's good to at least have a basic framework.I always use this Netmums half term planner in readiness for any short holiday the boys have from school. We keep it on the fridge and the boys then have an idea of what they can expect for the week but leave space for them to put in things they might like to do.

There are certain things which I know they enjoy doing. For one, we always take a trip to the library armed with a list of books we need. The list comes, usually, by way of a themed day we are having. One of their favourites is animals where we take printables from the internet to use as Wanted posters for a make-believe animals that are on the loose and we play "I went to the zoo and I saw...". For a making activity we bake animal-shaped biscuits and then if it is a wet day we perhaps look for a good animal film to enjoy with our biscuits!

We are lucky enough to live close to a lovely walk around Ogden reservoir. 

Our house is the one on the left at the bottom left of the picture.

When the weather is fine we head off with snacks and lunch in our back-packs. We gave a great time chatting and singing as we go and the boys have to stop in the same places for snacks and lunch. As we are heading home we play our age-old game of pretending a certain electricity pylon is a space rocket and we take turns in saying what we would take on a trip to the moon!

As I said, things don't always go according to plan but it is always good to have a couple of things to do which you know will amuse and occupy but also that you can share as a family to make the most of time you have with your children when they are out of school.


  1. oh wow~lovely area and your home is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Connie. We are very lucky to have our home here.x


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