Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Catching up, again.


I have really been neglecting my little blog for a while so here I hope to make it up and that you enjoy catching up with me.

The first news I would like to share is that of issue 13 of Pretty Nostalgic. It was in trouble for a while but they have had a reprieve thanks to new subscribers and much support so the latest issue goes to print as we speak and here is a sneaky peak of the front cover.


This is such good news and we hope it will continue to inspire and encourage us to spend wisely, waste less and appreciate more. I did all I could with a mini Twitter campaign and if it helped at all I am very grateful - one for my Journal of Gratitude!

I have finally completed one of my unfinished sewing projects and here it is! I made this bag not sure when but if you could see inside you would witness a beautiful French seam! I have now added the panel of embellishment and the buttoned handles and I love love love it!

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I recently met a lovely new friend, through another friend at school, and she has a wonderful blog called Little Bohemian Butterfly. Don't you just love the name? If so why not take a look for some sewing, crochet, up-cycling inspiration; it's beautifully laid out and has a wonderful feel to it.

Talking of new blog finds, words fail me in how to describe it but you MUST visit the wonderful world of Susan Branch.

Our dog, Jake, is now becoming a real part of the family and is 15 weeks old tomorrow. We had a lovely time yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, walking him around our local beauty spot, Hollingworth Lake. He made lots of doggy friends along the way, had a paddle and we had coffee, cake and ice cream!

I am sneaking in this slightly hurried blog post as both the boys are fettling in the shed with Jon so apologies for the roughness round the edges! I know I will not be called for anything, apart from my coffee that is in the microwave warming as I can hear it beeping at me!

I hope you enjoy my blog; I really do need to find some time to make it more attractive but I just seem to have other things to do! Hey ho, guess I'll just ramble on!

Thanks for stopping by anyway and catch ya later! xx


  1. Good news about Pretty Nostalgic! Lovely photos Louise, we used to go up to Hollingworth a lot when the kids were younger, looks like you had some lovely sunshine too xx

  2. I'm not familiar with that magazine, we don't have it in the US. But I love Susan Branch- Have you seen her book about her trip to England? It's called A Fine Romance and it's lovely!


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