Sunday, 29 June 2014

Where does the time go - almost July!

Well I don't know what happened to June, really I don't. Time seems to have really flown since my last post, for various reasons, and I'll explain a little more why soon.

That aside, I have been getting on with a few bits and pieces. I finally got round to making some of the fabric fridge magnets a la Sarah Moore and I love them!

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So much lovelier to look at when you are pining all that much needed stuff to the front of the old Frigidaire, I wish!

I am enjoying writing to new pen pals, some from my #PostCircle and others I have gathered along the way. A new correspondent, Kathleen in California, sent me some quite beautiful doilies which will be used for my vintage bunting I plan to make; very frustrating as I just need a couple more to start but I am picky, not me!, about the size I want to use! One of them is in the picture above.

The end of the school summer term is almost upon us and one of our wonderful teachers is taking retirement. She was with both my boys for their Reception class and gave them a wonderful start to their main school experience; an honour to have such a dedicated person to encourage and nurture my boys. I have decided to give her as a gift one of my journals I have embellished as the words on it are quite appropriate. We will add to the collection being made for other gifts, of course, but wanted to do something special as she has always been very supportive of my crafting projects. 

I shall also have to think about presents for the teachers of both boys' classes - a total of four, including teachers and teaching assistants, but then there are other staff members that help out who the boys really like but where do you stop? I like to make things for them so it isn't just a case of buying a box of chocolates; I need to get my thinking cap on. I did consider sewing some "Thank You" hearts out of the hessian I  recently bought from the wonderful Pocket and Pin.

I made the item below for my dear friend, Little Bohemian Butterfly, for her recent return to work; I thought something along these lines would be good for teacher gifts. 

What do you think?

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 Well, I didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you or indeed that you had forgotten about me! So I hope you enjoyed out little catch up and I'll be back again very soon with more to share with you.

Catch ya later.xx

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  1. Very sweet Louise, would make a lovely teacher gift x


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