Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pre-holiday ramble.

I really do seem to have had no time for blogging since my last effort, what with getting ready for our holiday, tomorrow! Plus, the boys went away for 4 whole days with the Gramps and I spent most of the time doing stuff around the house. I know I probably should have taken some time for myself but I'm still having trouble focusing on things when we are constantly thinking about selling the house and preparing for our holiday! We did manage to go and see a film which was not aimed at children which was great but I still hate how much it costs!

The for sale board went up yesterday. We decided not have one initially but have thought it might be a good idea as we do get quite a lot of passing traffic because of the little pub across the road. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if we received an email whilst we are away to tell us we have had an offer? We live in hope.

The boys and I took time to go to the park with a friend of mine and her little boy today. We had a lovely time chatting and had a coffee while the three terrors ran around like maniacs for an hour -  and we just managed to miss a short shower, too.

In a short while I have the boys' beds to change so they are done for when we come back and right now they are downstairs turning each other into mummies by wrapping double sided sticky tape on their faces! The packing is all but done except the toiletries tomorrow and then a quick whip round the bathrooms and a vacuum and we are done. Can't leave the house without being cleaned when we are going away, plus we may have some viewings so it needs to be spotless!

Sorry for ordinariness of this post but hope to have some holiday memories to share with you on my return from sunny Menorca.

Catch ya later. xx

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