Saturday, 16 August 2014

And we have returned...

So we are back from our summer holidays having stayed with Nana in Menorca. The boys had a great time swimming every day and Jon and I must have eaten our body weight in whitebait and squid tapas. Mmmm! 

I came home a proper pan and rice to make paella as I cannot visit a supermarket abroad without bringing home some kind of cooking/baking foodstuffs. Last year, from Spain, I unpacked and realised I had come back with Harina flour, Spanish sherry vinegar from Jereth, lots of yummy bread snacks and 4 terracotta tapas dishes!

We have two weeks before the boys go back to school so I hope we have some good weather during that time. The hottest day whilst we were away was the Sunday before we flew back and it was 46 degrees at 6.30pm!

Regarding our house, we have not had much movement but are confident somebody will soon spot it on Rightmove and think it is just the thing for them! We are so very keen to move by Christmas and I suppose we have quite some time yet for things to get going, but when you know where you want to be it is very frustrating.

I have talked about the kind of life that we are planning with our move and now I have to let you know, just because I can't wait any longer, that we are intending to move to the Western Isles of Scotland. Quite a move we know! We have not seen any properties in the flesh because we are waiting to get a firm offer on our place, plus we need to make a 12 hour journey to visit what we are 95% sure is our forever location. We have done an inordinate amount of research including using the Internet, emailing people who live on the islands, spoken to friends who are familiar with the area and looked at the school and there is nothing that has turned us off to the idea so far. We just want to go and visit!

But, we just have to be patient and are doing all we can to sell our house as soon as we can. It is so frustrating when the thing you most want is within reach but you can't quite touch it.

It is coming up to the time for coffee number three so I'll leave you to decide, though we are just so flippin' excited that we think of pretty much nothing else right now, if you think we are bold, brave or mad to have made this decision. 

Catch ya later! xx


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