Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pretty Nostalgic, me and mine.

After a fairly turbulent time recently, the newest issue of Pretty Nostalgic will very soon be hitting the doormats of its new Society members all over the country. 

The changes being made by the wonderful Nicole and her team are so exciting and I for one cannot wait!

So in celebration of this fact I have been looking at just a few of my favourite articles and features, going right back to issue1. (I was lucky enough to get my hands on every back issue and my book case looks all the better for it!)

As you know I have started sewing in the last few months and the regular A-Z feature in issue one was about haberdashery.  

There is just something about the idea of adding some nostalgia into a new project, I use these kind of items for things other than sewing, too. Vintage buttons and bows, fabric and fasteners. If you are looking for something special for your next project here are a couple of wonderful websites offering this type of sewing paraphernalia, Pocket and Pin and The Old Haberdashery. 

I have again chosen the A-Z feature in issue two as this is about afternoon tea. 

As you know I love baking and nothing beats a full cake tin when you need something yummy to go with a brew. One of my favourites has to be lemon drizzle, maybe because my boys and husband love it! Another regular bake is wholemeal banana muffins, often to be found in the boys' snack boxes on the afternoon school run with extra sometimes for friends at the park.

I am an established member of the #PostCircle scheme, thanks as always to the wonderful Anna from Tea with Miss Beatrix.

 I chose this feature in issue two about letter writing as I love writing to the eight or so people I have been regularly corresponding with for the last six months or so, due in part to Anna. I so enjoy opening my post box knowing the envelopes beautifully decorated with Washi tape, labels and stickers are from my #PostCircle and #happymail pals. We have great fun sharing our news and, as some of us are creative, we talk about our latest projects and I much prefer this to social media. I have no Facebook account and am seriously considering cancelling my Twitter account; only the other day I as explaining how I felt life is so instantaneous and there is no anticipation; that is what I love about getting a letter!

And lastly I chose an issue nine feature about Medical Memorabilia. I, too, have been collecting some sort of medical items because I bought a fantastic vintage first aid box. 

Since then I have been gathering things to pep it up a bit. Thanks to friends gifting items to me and buying some items from places such as flea markets, boot fairs and a website called
Vintage Purveyor I have amassed quite a collection as you can see. 

This is a really effective addition to my spare room.

I hope this vintage ramble gives you an idea of what you can expect as you turn the pages of this wonderful, soon to be, book. Join this Society which is helping us appreciate what went before, bringing it into the present and hopefully making our lives just a little Pretty Nostalgic!

Catch ya later. xx

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