Monday, 29 September 2014

Makes and bakes.

A great big hi there and hello to you!

Thought I'd catch up with a few things I've managed to make and do over the last couple of weeks. 
I've added a few more pages to my Smash Book so thought I'd share them with you. I'm really pleased with the effect I have created!

I decided that I won't use it simply for our road trip to Lewis at the end of next month, but for the start of the amazing journey we will be making as a family when we finally move there to start our new life, whenever that is - soon rather than later we very much hope!

I have also been baking and making things over the last week or so and these include the following.

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Yummy American style pancakes for breakfast with my niece and the boys.

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Harry asked for sausage rolls but with bacon and this is what he and Alfie got. Good result and a hit with the boys.


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Jon bought me a meat grinder/sausage maker for my birthday. Here was our first attempt. Definitely room for improvement in the seasoning but the overall look was quite good.

Then I gave my niece this apron I had been sewing as one of her birthday presents when she came to visit last weekend. She almost didn't get it as when I realised I'd sewn the tie tapes on the bottom and not the top of the apron it nearly went through the window. However I gathered, as Kate Twinset would say, and carried on regardless and all came out well in the end.

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I have cut out myself a new plain blue apron; this is more serviceable than pretty as is for when we move - pictures to follow soon. We are looking at not just growing and rearing our own food but also trying to make as much "stuff" as we can in every possible respect. This means I'm going to pick up on my sewing skills, but just found instructions for making a new ironing board cover so we're ok on that front!

Should go now as I need to get back to my in- anticipation-of-moving de-cluttering jobs!

Hope you like what you see!

Catch ya later!xxx


  1. I love "American" style pancakes (I guess I should, since I'm actually American!) but I always get sleepy about an hour after eating them! So if I really want them, I have them for dinner instead of breakfast :)

  2. Your smash book is amazing. The fact you got a sausage maker for your birthday is ace, you are totally one of a kind and I love you dearly xxxx


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