Saturday, 11 October 2014

(Apologies for the gaps where there shouldn't be any, hate it when that happens!)

I seem to have been quite busy in the kitchen this last week or so.

On Sunday I made some Calzones from one of my the new cookery books I received for my  birthday, the fantastic Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman

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These were my versions of Ree's Cowboy Calzones. They were really easy and quite delish with lots of scope for different fillings to suit everybody!

Next came Angel Cookies, again from Ree. Baking these had them turn out a little larger than I had intended, but to be honest if you're going to have a biscuit you might as well have a decent sized one!

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Yesterday was the school Harvest Festival assembly so I decided to make one of my usual baskets to add to those being delivered to the elderly. This year's consisted of a pecan and banana loaf cake, some oatmeal digestive biscuits, cheese soda bread, fresh apples and marmalade.  

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The latter was my first attempt at homemade marmalade and it was both fantastically easy and tasty. Just had to try it for my elevenses!

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 I wanted to make a little treat for a friend's birthday so I decided on sewing this little fabric envelope which could be for anything from keeping tissues in or nik naks in your handbag. 

That's all folks. Catch ya later. xx


  1. How lovely, what a divine basket. Someone who receives that will be over the moon. I adore the material envelope too. A very interesting & inspiring read. Than you Louise :-)

    1. Thanks for you kind comments, I love to get a reaction. Very glad you enjoy following me and hope to keep you reading as things, hopefully, change.


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