Friday, 14 November 2014

Planning is afoot for the festive season!

Hello! (Bit of red for Christmas). This is the point at which I normally let you know there will be no more apologies for talking about the festive season. I think you have the measure of me by now and know that I just LOVE this time of year.

Well, seeing as Halloween and Bonfire night are pretty much a distant memory, I have begun my planning in earnest! Here are my planners, lists and reminders; obviously there will be some additions, changes etc here and there but always good to have a strong, basic plan.

We should be at home for Christmas Day by lunch time, after seeing some family on the Eve. I am already deciding on some yummy recipes for the big day and of course 
easy-to-eat, buffet style food for Boxing Day. I love having really yummy eats and leftover dishes that you can just go to the fridge for between watching films and not have to actually cook! I will be hopefully making and baking some more festive food for December 27 when we have some more family here for my Mum's birthday.

I think I may have mentioned the Christmas cake is made and getting fed weekly with Gluhwein. (Love that stuff; put it in my homemade mincemeat, the Christmas cake and the pudding!) I also have some Morello cherries soaking in vodka to give as presents to a couple of people, depending on the size of the bottles I use for the finished product. Both are now sitting on the designated shelf on the cellar steps so I can gloat at the tasty treats I am gradually preparing every time I go downstairs to the washer!

I took a few minutes this morning to look for some more traditional, nostalgic Christmas ideas in articles from Pretty Nostalgic. I subscribe to this wonderful compendium of gorgeous Britishness and have recently signed up to be a Pretty Nostalgic Pioneer. Check out their website for more information.
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 I collect recipes, decoration ideas and anything to make the festive season tasty and attractive so this is one place I go to. Of course, Christmas is NOT complete without  
Country Living. I subscribe to this wonderful publication, too, and admit I wait with anticipation every year for the Christmas issue!

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It has taken me a couple of years but there are just some things I cannot do without on the table.

Oh, and I have been seewing a runner for the table this year and although it is a little basic I am chuffed to bits with it.
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I would love to know what your favourite things are to make and bake for Christmas. 
Is there something you just HAVE to have or everybody asks you to make?

Catch ya later!xx


  1. Ooh I love Christmas too. Everything about it gives me such pleasure. I am an ardent list maker too. I generally make my own mincemeat and always make my Christmas cake. Last year I made all our tree decorations from old book and music pages. I read Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol every year - yes every year since I was a a child. My dad started the ball rolling and it's just not Christmas without it. Have a good weekend.

  2. Ooh Patricia we sound very much alike! Would love to see photos of your decorations! I think I may read Dickens to my boys from December 1. Do you think 8 and 6 and a half are ok ages for them to hear it?


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