Monday, 29 December 2014

Crimbo Limbo!

Hello there!

I have been very, very absent from here recently through being very busy in the run up to Christmas. I was all set to do one last post on Christmas Eve when I had trouble posting photographs. In short I gave up, and now I appear to be having the same problems!

Anyhow, we now find ourselves in that strange in between time which is not strictly the festive season any more but there is a little while until the celebrations for the New Year begin.I've already started thinking about the New Year and what it may bring plus how I can plan for it. I do absolutely love Christmas but I also really love the start of the new year and the positivity and possibilities which come with it and I've been searching Pinterest for ideas of how to start the New Year with a bang. During 2014 I have kept a Journal of Gratitude which has been great and I look forward to reading back through some of the entries. I don't go in for personal goal setting but I do try to think how I can improve myself, make myself think a little more and consider the lot of others, too. 

The whole thing about the New Year DOES also have something to do with the requirement of a brand spanking new calendar, a lovely blank diary and journals waiting to be written in for lots of reasons, be they important or trivial - I love either! I've also been getting my lovely Household Notebook spruced up a little with some new pages, these all being part of my home organisation which is so important to me for a well run house.

I'm in the process of covering my daily diary - can't do electronic ones. I have my calendar at the ready and it already has high days and holidays marked on it. (We just get over Christmas and then it will be Alfie's birthday - 7 this year - at the end of January!)

We are very hopeful we will be living a different life next year as we are filled with optimism for being in our new home by the autumn, if not before if we are lucky. House moving slows down during the run up to Christmas so we are keen to give it a push once January is here.

I have been neglecting my sewing which I was really getting into, apart from the table runner I made for Christmas Day, and my sister has bought me a great book which helps with the basics of sewing so hope to use that alongside some new projects. I have so much lovely fabric I don;t know where to start so need to focus! I also have to have a sort out of all my craft things with the hope of moving ever on my mind I need to downsize a little bit. Things are spread out a little too much but I have acquired a basket/hamper which may come in useful as I already have my fabric in another of these.

I must go as it is time for another pot-luck-from-the-fridge-left-overs-lunch. Mmmm, cold pork pie and cranberry sauce!
For what reasons are you looking forward to the New Year? I would love to hear your plans so do let me know.

Catch ya later! xx



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  1. Hello Louise. Hope you had a good Christmas and I know what you mean about the in between bit. Looking forward to next year. We too may think about moving, it's something we've been loosely toying with. I love the sound of your household journal what a great idea. Shame about your photos but hopefully you'll get it sorted. Happy New Year to you and yours. Px


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