Monday, 14 December 2015

I consider myself an intelligent woman but..

today something happened to make me realise everybody is vulnerable.

I was the victim of a scam artist on the telephone. I was lured into thinking there was a virus problem with my computer and after gaining access to my bank account I lost over £900.

Thankfully, most gratefully and forever in debt will I be to the bank we were refunded our money.

I will not go into all the details, mainly because I am so very, very embarrased about it all but suffice to say do not give anything of yourself away over the telephone, EVER! 

People will always ring back if they are legitimate or find another way to contact you. If you are even mildly suspicious of their intentions then hang up!

Never buy anything over the phone. 

I would hate anybody to feel any way near the way I did for about 4 hours this afternoon; sick to the stomach thinking I had completely ruined Christmas.



  1. Louise, I am so sorry you have been put through this. It recently happened to friends and they lost £3000 but even more the husband especially has lost self confidence. Don't let that happen to you.

  2. What a horrible thing to have happened, thank goodness the bank sorted it out so quickly.
    We've had those" I'm calling to say there is a problem with your computer" too, but thankfully I've always said No there isn't and hung up.. Phew.
    I hope you can soon put it out of your mind and feel OK again

  3. That scam was tried on me earlier this year, as soon as the woman started to ask for bank details I was very rude and hung up. I spoke to the bank and gave them all the details that I had. It is so easy to fall for theses as the people have just enough details to be convincing. I am so glad that your bank came through for you.

  4. oh no, poor you. Oh yes, I know of this scam too. They tried it on with me once. Some bolshy bloke called just before school time, Violet was on the computer at the time, and rather than do anything I said to her 'switch it off' the bloke on the phone started shouting angrily at me 'no, no, you must not do that'. I told him to stop shouting and if he wanted anything done to call when my husband was home, he asked when that was, I said 4 (total lie), he started shouting again saying it was no good. I shouted back 'tough luck then isn't it, and STOP SHOUTING AT ME'. then I hung up.
    Trouble is, they call at awkward times and when they say that there is a problem with your computer you do panic a bit. It's not until afterwards you think why would THEY know if there was a problem if you didn't?
    I'm glad you got your money back. Don't feel embarrassed, the scum who do these things should feel embarrassed.

    1. Sadie, your experience sounded so much like mine. They called just before a lady whose husband recently died came to see me and it was the first time I had seen her since, plus toward the end of the horrible experience I lied and saidI had to go out and them I called the bank. He was unpleasant sometimes with me and shouted at times. I still can't believe I fell for some of the things he said which I'm not even going to tell you because you wouldn't belive how stupid I was. Anyhow, all is ok now and we don't have to cancel Christmas as we really would have been in a very tight spot. I have cheered myself up this morning by bringing in more greenery for the cupboard tops and have baked 2 dozen mince pies and am about to make some more plus banana muffins to freeze for the boys so we have cake after Christmas. Onwards and upwards with a positive mental attitude.xx

  5. Had the calls here too, told them I dont have a computer, now registered on the call preference service not had a call since, dont beat yourself up over it, you wont fall for it again and you can warn everyone about it, these people are scum but unfortunately clever scum

  6. I am glad the bank sorted things for you so quickly. Don't feel bad about it we all have moments when we are not firing on all cylinders and make mistakes, I think it is really good of you to post about it at all as we all need reminders now and again x

  7. What a dreadful experience. I put the receiver down to all calls when I don't know the caller. If it's the Bank, they can darned well write to me, or ask me to call in and see someone. But as Dawn says, don't beat yourself up. These awful people are very clever otherwise they'd not pull the wool over the eyes of intelligent people. They are ruthless. As I say, we just put the receiver down. We don't enter into conversation with anyone we don't know, cold calling.
    Margare P


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