Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January is in full swing.



Okay, January is properly back in full swing. My boys have just started their third week back at school, we are now into after school activities having gone back to both climbing and Judo plus I've attended my first Weight Watchers meetings of the year and have managed to lose 3lbs fo far. I'd like to give you a cooking tip about the fantastic Lasagne I make using a yummy white sauce of Quark - don't knock it 'till you've tried it - and fat freee fromage frais. Check out the result of my efforts!

This is such a versatile sauce as can be used for lots of things including said Lasagne plus Mousakka and fish pie.

My post Christmas home organisation/de-cluttering of various places and rooms and so far I am happy with what I have achieved. I have sorted, tidied and cleaned out under the kitchen sink, the baking tin/jar cupboard, the place I keep miscellaneous things like plastic and lunch boxes, flasks and spare ice cube trays, the shelves down to the cellar (cellar itself is a blue job for Jon!), crafting supplies and both the boys' rooms! Phew! January is such a cleansing month and one to seriously for looking forward and planning ahead. 

On January 14 I cancelled my Twitter account and I'm more than happy about that. I really am done with too much technology; I am tired of contstantly looking down! I know this means I will be out of the loop with some things but if I was that bothered I wouldn'thave cancelled it.Some friends think we are crazy, saying we live in a soial media world, but our point is that you don't have to! The same day I was baking some blueberry and chocolate muffins. These are great for snacks and even for breakfast as there is only a little chocolate in them!

We have been to the theatre to see Spamalot and we had a fantastic meal at a fantastic Tapas bar in Manchester and I also had a nice girly lunch out which was lovely.

I am now caught up with my Post Circle and just yesterday have bought an ink pen, something I've been meaning to do for ages, to make my letters look a little more special!

I think I am all caught up now and look forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring us!

I look forward to any comments or contributions you might have to my ramblings!

Catch you later.xxx


  1. 3lbs!!! That's amazing! Please do share how you did it. I put on 1 stone in 4 weeks over the xmas holiday period and it had taken me 3 years to lose that stone : (
    I need to stop eating junk! The lasagne and muffins look delicious!
    Congrats on cancelling the twitter account! I did do that with facebook and instagram last year, unf I am back on facebook and now twitter : /
    You're right we don't miss out on anything when we are not on social media - most people just think they do!
    You're from Mcr? I used to live in Manchester 8 years ago in Castlefield :)

    1. Thanks for your comments. I don't get many! I'm hoping to lose more weight and I'm using the WW Filling and Healthy programme.I need to lose at least 2 stone but am giving myself until summer to lose up to three so I am not trying to get rid of 4lbs every week or anything daft. I love it because you can eat past and rice, as long as it is brown/wholemeal, and I can eat all kinds of potatoes but obviously not roasted in goose fat! I am a convert to Quark as it can be used for the recipe I menitioned but it can make yummy jacket potato filings, be put into potato salad with garlic,endless possibilites! Yes I live about 30 minutes drive from Mancherster centre but out in the sticks a bit. Got snowed in on Wednesday as we couldn't safely get out of our lane and up towards the boys' school! Look forward to hearing from you again?x

  2. Argh - tried to email you but can't find your address - can you email me?!!!!! Where's Claire disappeared to?! Everyone has vanished! X

  3. I have emailed you. Look forward to hearing from you.x


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