Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Febraury is almost over but here I am!

Well, it has taken me a while to get back here but never mind.Hope you are happy to be reading a little about what I've been up to recently?

I purchased some pom pom makers and have begun a project to make a rug for the house we finally move to! I am not counting how many I have made so far, but the boys like emptying the bag to see where I'm up to -  I have some way to go yet as you can see.

I have also begun sewing a pair of jimmers for myself. Inspired again by The Great British Sewing Bee of course. The fabric is yellow gingham winceyette kind of and cost me £1.50 from a charity shop - it's actually a cot blanket. I'm doing my best to take the pattern off a pair I already have so wish me luck as I have it cut out and hope to get them sewn some time this week. Photo of the finished item to follow later.

On Monday as part of my home organisation I decided to plan the boys' breakfasts as well as already planning their tea meals. Therefore yesterday morning I got up, had a bath in our bedroom bath which I really should do more often, then came down and made the batter for American style pancakes. I cannot do the crepe type so these work really well for us at breakfast or any time, soooo easy! Today was easy too, porridge and yoghurt tube for Alfie and peanut butter on Tiger bread for Harry also with a yoghurt tube. 

I love baking, as you know, and I absolutely love having fresh things baked for breakfast so I am just about to make Lemon muffins to go with fruit salad for tomorrow morning. I've decided to just make half recipes of biscuits, cakes and bakes then I can regularly indulge my passion, things don't go to waste and the boys, and hubs, get a selection of yummy eats and treats!
We recently went to the dentist during half term and Alfie unfortunately has a tiny hole in one of his teeth. I was mortified but then pleased in a wierd way that it is caused by him eating so much fruit. The idea of planning the breakfasts along with other meals is so I can keep a handle on the amount he eats instead of him just diving into the fruit bowl at any time of the day, which seems to be the problem. Here are the job charts for the boys and my expanded meal planning sheet.

The boys went back to school on Monday and so I am getting back into my usual routine, just about. They have been asking for pocket money recently so we now have job charts on the fridge for tasks such as feeding Jake, helping with taking out the recycling, plus the usual like keeping rooms tidy. They are keen to earn some spending money now and for when we go away in the Summer holidays.

Corned beef hash for the boys'  tea tonight; quick meal as we are going climbing I think. However last night we went to the first of two Judo sessions this week for extra practise in readiness for their next level belt grading  on Sunday so they may pull a sickie and I can't say I would mind!

That's all for now so catch ya later!xxx

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