Monday, 25 May 2015

Progressing with the move, a little.

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Guess what I've been doing this week? Yes, looking into schooling for our two little men before we move to what, frankly, IS our dream home!

I have had great help and advice from Ceredigion Council and a lovely lady in one of the school offices so will be despatching my request form to the Council this week, hopefully. Hubs and I will need to go and visit the schools but may not be able to take the boys as we are all out of holidays until Summer.

Schools are small compared to where we are now but some have been combined to create middle schools where the ages range from 3 to 16.  In some of the smaller schools the boys would be in the same class as they are currently in consecutive years, 2 and 3.

All the schools in the immediate area are described as Welsh Medium and the aim is for the children to be bilingual by the time they leave secondary school. I myself, will be attending Welsh lessons, in fact the lovely lady from the school office said they were probably running them at the local pub; I wonder what "Get In" is in Welsh?!

The boys are very excited and as we looked at one school website all they could ask was "do we get a book bag?". Bless!

I will let you know how we get on!xx


  1. yay it's all coming together x

  2. Hey Ginny. Yes, things are moving along a little and I do hope that the end of June is when we can move as it will mean a perfect transition time for the boys, I can make sure we have everything ready for them and it will be easy for them to integrate. They are, thankfully - big one for my Journal of Gratitude - looking forward to the move and everything that comes with it!xx


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