Monday, 11 May 2015

Just TOO exciting for words!

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OMG!!!! When out shopping this morning I received a phone call from an estate agent in Aberystwyth. We visited there on Friday last week and ended our visit by putting an offer on a house we viewed; we loved it as soon as we saw it. Our offer was a bit of a shabby bid, taking a chance that we could get the house plus a 4-acre field for the guide price of the house alone.

Well, the phone call was the best news in the world as our offer has been accepted!

The house was perfect, the owner was a lovely man and we think he could sense just how much we loved it and how it was just right for us and the boys. It is in a little village about 13 miles inland from Aberystwyth. 
Everybody in our chain is wanting to move quite quickly so we hope to have it done and dusted by the end of June with any luck!

Can't wait to tell the boys and Jon and I are SOOOO excited!

More to follow as we go along.


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  1. So excited for you, Louise!

    Sorry I've been AWOL lately. Will make sure you have a letter before your move!


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