Thursday, 23 July 2015

Treasures from the shed.

Yesterday hubs and I, well mainly hubs, gave the shed/garage a good tidy out in readiness for whenever we move. We took a trailer full of junk to the council tip and it was great to get rid of it all.

However, I did find a few useful items which I have put to one side. Look see!

This is called a Swift Chopper and I have already tried it out chopping carrots to hide from the boys in a lasagne I made this morning. 

Please undestand my boys love their veggies but always good to get more inside them!

Next is a lovely little bowl which, as you can see, is quite teeny tiny. However it matches the larger versions that I already own.

These two items will be very useful. The little measuring gadget will let us know we are not over packing for our holiday, a week yesterday to Menorca. eeek!, and the tape dispenser will help with the paking when we finally move. You cannot FAIL to be impressed by my sense of optimism!
Finally I re-disovered a favourite plant pot holder which I had forgotten about.

All in all a good rummage along with the much needed clear out!Ok, I need to get on and finsih my ironing so all I have to do after lunch is the lasttidying for the viewing.

Hope to catch up with you later.x



  1. Useful finds.Perhaps this viewing will result in a sale. We are still waiting here too

    1. Oh it is such a frustrating time, isn't it because the process always takes so much longer than you would ever want.? Good luck with yours.x

  2. Always fun to find things that you have forgotten about!! Hope you have a fun vacation!

    1. Thanks Nancy. Only 4 sleeps to go! Becasue we had a house viewing on Thursday I'm not as organised with the packing as I normally am at this point! Plus my boys are away until Sunday am and will need to put some of the things they have with them through the wash before I start with the suitcase! x


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