Tuesday, 14 July 2015

You Can't Put Your Life On Hold

This morning I've dusted the living room, cleaned the downstairs loo, ordered a book I want to borrow from the library and read the electricity meter - and that was all before the school run! I wanted to come home and have my coffee and breakfast, as I am doing now as normal, then get onto a task that has been driving me cerrr-azy because....

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we decided we would get away for a week to hub's mum's apartment in Menorca so managed at the weekend to get a hire car and flights for us all for the week for a bit over £660. I wasn't that bothered about going to start with but as we talked it over more I realised that just because we still want to sell the house everything else doesn't have to come to a standstill.

Things seem to be going our way a little more as we have finally sold the Spitfire. This means hubs can start to sort out the shed, now that he has more room, and all his huge collection of tools and stuff can be sorted through, packed and be ready for when we DO move. We just want to be ready, although he was a bit upset yesterday when he realised I'd already packed the garlic squisher!

The task I'm having a bit of trouble with is the flight confirmation print out. My printer is NOT playing ball but I will get it sorted today then I have everything ready; insurance, airport taxi, dog care (thanks to Grandad) so just the spends to buy. When it comes to packing we are going capsule with just 20k between the four of us plus our hand luggage in the form of three back packs and my handbag. The beauty of using Nana's washing machine is that most clothes come home clean ready for the ironing bag or simply to be put away!

Quite excited really but only going for a week as we've normally had enough by ten days away, at the most. We like to get out and do stuff as are not lie on the beach/by the pool all day people and the boys like to go on little adventures. Can't wait for a boat trip - have to have a boat trip - and I have to admit to having a bit of a thing about European supermarkets. I think that stems back to a loooog time ago when I use to rep in Spain and loved mooching around the bread and fish departments.

Ok, well I'd better get on with getting the flight paper work sorted out or we are going nowhere!

Take care.xxx


  1. Luckies - have fun! Glad you are getting away. ☺

    1. Thanks Kathleen. How are your summer plans going?x

  2. have a lovely time Louise x

    1. Thanks Ginny. Hope you enjoy your summer.xx


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