Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Catch Up


Been a bit busy the last few days so thought I'd let you see what I've been up to.

I've been doing some making and baking so have some yummy clementine curd as an alternative to lemon for a change.

I've been making mincepies with the Mary Berry pastry I think I mentioned. In the picture below you can also see an open copy of one of my Pretty Nostalgic magazines. Anybody heard of them? I subscribed to it for a good while and love using the vintage images in lots of my sesonal decorations throughout the house. This one as you can see is Christmas themed.

No picture of mincepies as all my first batch have been eaten, but I am on it!

Now this image is of something I have been getting round to doing for a couple of weeks and finally it is done! I saw something on Pinterest making stars out of wood so I salvaged some kindling and made this. It may go outside in a little while but for now adorns the microwave with the other items. Quite chuffed with it.

Today, after cutting some greenery for a a friend to take to her craft class I decided not to put it off and have brought in my own. I love the fact that I have cupboard and shelf tops I can dress!  The photos below are from the kitchen; the first the top of the dresser (my Panetone cake is sitting there, too, nom nom!).

The above photo is one of the shelves above the cooker end and below are the shelves above the Rayburn and microwave.

We were busy at the weekend and did not have time to get a real tree, plus the busget didn't really allow for it, so we have decided to go with the fake white one. I love it, and here we are.

And finally the front door now has a decoration. I never quite get them big enough but I love it and it is nice to see when people get up close at the door.

Ok, all caught up and now must dash as I've muffins to come out of the oven for when the boys come home in a little while, and a slow-cook sausage casserole to go in.



  1. your home is looking so festive. your baking and cooking sounds so good. I bought (eeks) a jar of mincemeat last week, but still haven't got round to making mince pies. I should, because I am really craving some, hot from the oven! :O) x

    1. Thank you. Nothing wrong with buying mincemeat. If I run out I buy some and add a few nice bits to it like cranberries, some booze to spice it up a bit.x

  2. Hello! I'm here via Pam, but I see we have many mutual blogging pals. I absolutely adore curds of any flavour and am planning on making some tangerine curd because so far I have seen Gary Rhodes on the food channel make meringues with tangerine curd ice cream and I Want it! Love your blog. Love you tree and I'm so sorry you fell victim to evil scrote scammers. Fate will get them in the end X


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