Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Preparation for pies and other stuff.

Despite the terribly windy and wet weather we ventured out on Sunday to get the food shopping. I was desperate to get the last ingredients for the mincemeat and this I did.

Once all was unpacked and the boys had been fed I set to with the mincemeat. The boys helped a little which was great.

I made a huge amount with a base of 4lb of dried fruit so I don't think we'll run out!

Pastry will be next at the weekend with the lovely recipe from Mary Berry which includes icing sugar and orange zest. Mmmm. I will also need to get a few other things as I'm making Clementine curd, I have the clenetines but need a lemon or two as well.

Some poeple have been talking about their planning methods to make sure they get stuff done. Well, I always have a planner of some sort at Christmas and here it is for December. I have back sheets for shopping lists, things to bake and make, things to do for the boys etc.

The decorations began going up this morning, starting with the kitchen as usual! I have been dreaming about putting this paper globe up in the kitchen ever since I saw Jamie Oliver had one in his kitchen, and I saw one in a magazine. We bought it and a couple of small ones last year but so pleased I could get this one up here!

Well, better go as have one loaf proving and one baking just now.

Take care, Lou.xx


  1. gosh, that mincemeat looks so good. I want a pie please, especially with the pastry you described! Oh yum!

    Love honecomb decs. I have the smallest obsession for them. Have you looked at the ones from Re-found objects? I got massive pink ones from there years ago and they are still in good condition. I use them in June too, for Violet's birthday.


    :O) x

    1. Thanks Sadie. We are mince pie maniacs in our house! Will check out the website.x

  2. The mincemeat looks lovely and how organised you are with your planner for December! I've just started planning this month today so hopefully not too late... :-)

    1. Its never too late for most things Emma. Have fun!


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