Monday, 28 May 2012

Coffee and a catch up? Get the kettle on.

Well, Monday morning full of sunshine and here I am with news of the week gone by. 

After the euphoria of hearing about Alfie's school place I finally got into some crafting as I have had three orders placed for my covered journals - woo hoo. Finished a recipe/cookery themed one yesterday (there is a snap of it on my Facebook page) and delivered it to school this morning. Waiting for feedback...? 
Have a lovely girly, pink cutesy one to do.

 Have already collected lots of items for that as you can see from this picture. Can't wait to start this project as it's for a lovely gal, one of the mums at school.

Trying to do this in some sort of order like the week, but what the heck let's see what comes next.

Tuesday was the Pre-School library trip so I went to hold hands with the little ones, including Alfie. They had stories about animals and a drink and a biscuit before we headed back and I got to bring Alfie home a little early.

Wednesday morning I was baking a cake for a friends birthday to deliver at lunch time then 
on Thursday morning I dropped the boys at school all scrubbed up for their school photo. Then I came home and baked for the Pre-School half term cake bake we were having on Friday morning. Chocolate with raspberry jam cupcakes then vanilla and chocolate drop ones plus banana, pear and sultana tray bake with a lovely maple syrup glaze.


I finally got round to buying some bedding plants on Friday afternoon, bush Lobelia in assorted colours, planting out all of them by the end of the Saturday. Needed to inject some fairly instant colour until the penstimons come into flower which hopefully will be soon; I am really relying on those to brighten the place up. 

However my lilac, which I think we have had for four years since my older sister gave it to me as a moving in gift I think, is finally in flower - witness below!

So the sunshine really came out this week so on Saturday afternoon, whilst Harry and Alfie were out with the Gramps,Jon and I took a ride out in the Spitfire - Jon's little baby but this was the first time I had been out for a proper ride in it. Head scarf a la Ms Hepburn next time for sure but was great fun. We had a rummage in the charity shops; do wish we would call them thrift shops like they do in the States, charity makes you sound cheap so I think I'm going to call them Thrift shops from now on! Anyhow, found this fab, original box amongst some nuts and bolts and cost me a quid - bargain!

Well, quite a busy week wasn't it? The boys break up for half term on Wednesday so need to sort out a few things for keeping them occupied, just in case the weather is not too good at times but keeping fingers crossed.

I am looking forward to catching up in the week maybe, with the boys being off then definitely next week. Enjoy the sun, for the time being!x


  1. Like the sound of the chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, all the cakes look yummy ! Love the covered journals, so pretty !

  2. Thanks Mary. I've just started actually selling some of the journals which I'm so pleased about, do tell your friends! I plan to have some at the Summer Craft Event, too.


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