Thursday, 18 October 2012

Asking a favour!

All you lovely people, thank you for visiting my little blog recently. 

I just wanted to ask if, when you do stop by, you could leave a comment? I have not been doing this very long and need all the support I can get. I am constantly trying to improve the look and content of my blog and your comments would be really valuable.

Thanks! See you soon.xx


  1. Love the new banner, I have the same issue, lots of people browse through my posts - especially via Face book but only a few leave time your followers will increase I'm's a good idea to read and comment on other people's blogs - they will in turn read yours and hopefully spread the word further...x

  2. Thanks, it was free off a website or blog. Just wish I could center it but can't manage to. Yes, I try to comment on others. I am also trying to have specific times to do blogging and look at other blogs to comment on. I love yours though, it is always so wonderfully quirky!x

  3. Thanks Louise, you have a lovely way with words x


I am so grateful if you have the time to comment and I will always do my best to respond.x