Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day five - hmmmm!

Well, I managed to find a no-bake recipe for yesterday so I didn't let my beloved followers down! 

Here is the evidence that I made an effort but it has to be said it isn't the best of the week by any stretch of the imagination!
These are listed in my baking bible as Auntie Ruth's Lemon Slice and they contain cornflakes, butter and sugar with a topping of condensed milk, egg yolk plus lemon juice and zest.

I don't expect to get the recipes on Foody Fun until Monday or Tuesday but rest assured they will be there soon.

I need to say that my baking challenge has now come to an end as there has been no time today to bake so far this weekend. However, I am really chuffed with what I have achieved and hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have come up with each day.

Baking aside for a moment, the potatoes I planted in time for Christmas are coming along quite nicely but I do need some more compost to keep them going.

Look see...

and another planting project has come up, regarding which I thought I had missed my window of opportunity because I was  a tad late in planting! However, here are the Brodiaea Queen Fabiola I planted at the beginning of June. (I should point out that the seed packet described them at "stunning summer bulbs"! so I think I haven't done too bad!)

 Right, I have Strictly on record so I need to go and catch up so I'll catch you later, too. xx


  1. Hi Louise! So yummy and what pretty flowers!! Love your sweet banner!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  2. Looks like the potatoes are coming along....your no-bake recipe sounds yummy , I love lemon !


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