Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Baking challenge day two.

Well, I have managed  day two - phew! Never-before baked recipe for today is 
Hodge Podge.

This is a lovely cake containing dried fruit and cherries, some almonds and nutmeg. It is a tray bake and the husband has already tested and said very nice.

Next to try it on the boys. As before, I will post the full recipe on  Foody Fun by the end of the week.It is really nice to set some challenges, just to see if you can stretch yourself- however this being the day I have committed to lose 10lbs at Weight Watchers by the end of next month is probably not the best week to begin this kind of goal. Hey ho, now I have broadcast this to a certain number of people both projects will hopefully be things I can achieve!

Catch you tomorrow with day 3.xx

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