Thursday, 10 May 2012

Well we're giving this a try....

This is the first entry on my new blog - I hope you enjoy sharing the things I like to do and make. I can be a bit ditzy so don't expect things to go as planned sometimes; a friend (you know who you are Adi) once told me I was so ditzy I should have been born blonde - I am a natural brunette!!

So, today is my little man's first solo playdate! I have the whole day to myself until the afternoon school run and, as usual, I am presently consumed with parental guilt. This is quite a normal thing for me, thinking I should be houseworking not blogging - get me with the lingo already! I plan to make some yummy treats for him and his big brother ready for after school; current favourites are banana and sultana muffins.

Just figuring out how to post some photos to make things a little more attractive, and still not sure about the title but just wanted to get something on the page. (Told you I was a bit ditzy)

I'm sure you will learn a little more about me as we bump along together and hope you enjoy! xx

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  1. Good first post, you've made a start, things will get easier as you go along and as friends start to follow the blog you'll become more confident, look forward to discovering more of your delicious recipes!


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