Saturday, 12 May 2012

Food and photos

Afternoon. I have posted on my Foody Fun page some of my favourite recipes to share with you. No pictures as yet but hope to add later. 

I also hoped to post more photos after a little walk out with my boys this morning. This was not possible as I use the lead from my husbands mp3 player with my camera and this is with him - he is not here. Never mind.

It occured to me that I have not mentioned that I am a member of the fab-u-larse Saddleworth Creative Network - find them on Facebook at A group of like-minded people who love to, hopefully, keep calm and carry on crafting whilst promoting craft in the local area. Take a peek why don't you? Whilst I am at it I should share this with you, too. Such a great poster.

That's all for today but hope to share the photos tomorrow.

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