Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A little early but what the heck!

I know that according to my countdown to Spring we still have 34 days to go, but what with the snow today I thought this may cheer me up. 

I love a wreath at any time of the year, and especially like this one. I originally made it a couple of years ago and it now goes on my front door each Spring/Easter. 

Can't wait to hang it really soon!


  1. Very sweet, did you make the egg decorations ?

  2. Thank you Lilyshaw, but no I didn't make them I am afraid. The small ones at the bottom I think are by Gisella Graham and were given to me by my sister. But the ivy IS from my garden!x

  3. This is lovely. I've been looking around at wreaths as it is a shame just to use one at christmas. This is ideal.


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