Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Do you keep a journal?

I do. I have been looking back at is this morning and seeing about decorating some more of the pages. I try to have half a dozen done in advance so that I don't waste my journalling time on that and I can concentrate on the fun part.

If you keep a journal is it an artistic journal, a place for life thoughts, ideas for a project ? I would love to hear about your journals, see some photos of them and tell me, how do you decide on your entries? 

I use the pin in the dictionary method sometimes and just see what comes to my mind from a random subject - it can often trigger different thoughts and maybe an idea for a future entry. Then, on other occasions something may have taken place to give you the urge to write. 

This happened to me on Sunday. I have recently submitted a couple of pieces to possibly be included in blogs and websites I follow. I really enjoyed the writing and spent time making sure it was humorous and fun to read but also informative. This made me think I should do more actual writing, hence today's post being a little less show and tell.

Hope you have enjoyed today's post. xx


  1. Lovely and colourful. I used to do a blog where I chatted about this and that - a sort of on-line journal. Now being too busy with the cards that has gone and I just have a card blog. Look forward to your observations and ramblings.

    1. Thanks! I love making them and there will be more ramblings!x


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