Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

To all of you who have taken time to look visit my blog very recently, thanks so much! I just love knowing you are seeing what I am getting up to  here at Chez Houghton!

My boys broke up for half term yesterday so I have been arranging play dates, thinking of activities to keep them happy and checking  which extra curriculas are still on over the holidays, like Beavers and Judo - may be a few less taxi trips for me and hubby!

I use this great planner from Netmums to help organise our days.

Sometimes we don't stick to it completely, but at least it gives us a bit of an idea of what we can do, as this site gives lots of hints for days out, and in, over the school break.

I hope you find it useful and I am always keen to hear about ways you organise yourself and your brood! I am a bit of a fan, to say the least, of blogs and websites about home organisation. Here are a few links but some are included for inspiration here on my blog listings.

Organized Junkie

I Heart Organizing

 A Bowl Full Of Lemons

I hope you find some inspiration here.

Look forward to you stopping by again soon. Louise.xx 

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  1. Helen H (@timewasting)28 February 2014 at 11:24

    I used their planner for the summer holidays last year and it helped. Thanks for the links - I follow and love the I Heart Organizing and CleanMama blogs but haven't seen the Organized Junkie one before so I'm off for a look...


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