Thursday, 23 May 2013

OMG, how long have I been away from here?!

Well, doesn't time fly!

Oh dear, I have been neglecting this creative space for far too long.

Since I was last here I have been busy with journal commissions, which is great, and have just finished my first chipboard book for June 29, more of that date later.

I finally had my sewing day with my friend Sue, check out her Facebook page called Crafts by sue vWith Sue's help I, fairly successfully, managed to shorten Alfie's bedroom curtains. Following on from that I have finished altering a half-apron. I found it in a charity shop and  hope to wear it on June 29, again, more about that date later. I am chuffed to bits with it and I really hope to do some more sewing to add to my journals and craft projects. 

                                                    !!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!

Since I started working on this blog post I posted a picture of the finished apron and I have received an order to make one for a customer! OMG.

Now to baking. This has kind of taken a back seat recently, apart from making lemon drizzle cakes for a member of the family. However, PTA has asked for some baking contributions for the school Duck Race taking place this coming weekend so I will be getting those done on Saturday to help out with that.

Family wise I am very proud of my two boys as they have their first Mon on their red belts as Judo. Also, they are just starting Gymnastics on a Saturday morning and loving that; they break up for half term today so will have to sort out crafting time some how over the next ten days with the orders I have currently in my order book.

With Spring here, really, I am pleased to say that some of the bulbs I planted at the beginning of the year have started to some up.

I should point out here that I have some issue downloading pictures from my mobile so I plan to do a little album of things mentioned in this post, just as SOON as I get it sorted out! Please be patient and drop by in a couple of days.x

So, back to that date - June 29, and 30 - this is the next craft festival being run bSaddleworth Creative Network. I need to start planning items and projects for that. I have some new ideas for the food side and need to taste test them, soon! I think I may try and take a journal which is not quite finished so people have a little idea of how I put them together. I already have three finished plus a photograph album to take as part of my stock so I have made some kind of a start!

Well, I think I have rambled on for long enough to be caught up. I hope you will stop by again and take a look at the photos in a couple of days.xx


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  1. Very busy as always Louise, looking forward to trying some new recipes on 29th June !


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