Thursday, 19 December 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - for a trip to Lapland!!


Well, here we are and only six days to go until the big HO HO! However our journey to visit Santa in Lapland begins on Sunday morning with an early flight from Manchester!
As a family we are really getting very excited, the spare bedroom is full of our things still to be packed, but that will be done shortly and we have a lovely family meal planned for Friday evening.

We will be getting the boys up early on Saturday morning to tire them out so they are ok to get up very early on Sunday, therefore I have Christmas muffins and hot chocolate with marshmallows planned along with a festive film for when they get up. Mmmm, may have to have some myself!

Before that I still have a few school things to do. I am off to the carol concert in a little while and very much looking forward to that. Then tomorrow is the last day of term so teacher presents will be delivered in the morning, will post pictures either later on or tomorrow.

Must dash so catch ya later! x

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  1. Right back at you~hope you have a wonderful 2014!!!


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