Sunday, 15 December 2013

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly!

Hello there and a merry Christmas! I don't think I have actually wished you that yet.

I thought I would share my decorations with you as I just love this time of the year and even as close as we are I keep adding things here and there. Plus, seeing as we are going away in a week I really should stop, but what the heck!

Let's start with my favourite decorations, the mantlepiece

and the kitchen shelf.

The Peter and Pam book on the left, you may remember, is my boot fair find and along side it is a childhood book I still love to this day and enjoy reading to my boys.

This Peace peg is one of my own Christmas makes now sitting on our tree.

I think it is important to decorate as many spaces in your house as possible, hence the corner near the kettle,
and atop the microwave get the festive treatment, too! And finally the tree. Our fake, white one this year due to us going away and I LOVE it. Lots of things the boys have made, including popcorn garlands, are on it plus some of my things.
I also absolutely love the vintage filter I have added to the picture which I found on my mobile!
Ok, finally finished this post after accidentally publishing it when it was not quite ready. Hoping to get back here before we leave for Lapland, however with school Xmas plays, carol concerts, last visits from family members AND packing it may only be a quick Ho Ho Ho before I go.
Catch ya later. xx


  1. **love*** all of it!!!! The kitchen shelf is adorable!!

    1. Hey thanks Connie. I love the shelf, too! I bought the tin of Amaretti biscuits just because it was red and white! but I did use them as the basis for last year's teacher gifts at the end of term. Made raspberry cream, sandwiched them together and drizzled white chocolate over them. Today I made marshmallow snowballs with white chocolate and coconut for my niece's birthday plus stemmed ginger covered in dark chocolate for my mum's birthday. Such easy pressies and go down a treat. Would love to see some of your home decorations Connie. xx


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