Thursday, 19 December 2013

Gifts for the teachers and the elves!

When I came back from the school carol concert, which was wonderful, I finished the teacher presents then bagged and tagged them; my amaretti, raspberry kisses and marshmallow snowballs - simple but effective. I absolutely love giving homemade things, at any time of the year, and Christmas seems just made for this pleasure! 

I should add that the snowballs are something children can make really easily. Just melt them some white chocolate, dip the mallows in it and then put desiccated coconut in a plastic pot with a lid and give each one a gentle shake. When covered they only take a little while to dry then they can be kept in an airtight box for about 10 days or bagged up as gifts.

Also, after tea this evening me and the boys made elf cookies. It was simple as you just use something like a honey nut loop, coat it in chocolate and then cover in festive sprinkles! The hoops are not so defined as they could be but the boys loved making them and are sure the elves will really like them!

These are just drying on some baking parchment before we keep them in a box until Christmas Eve!

Hope you liked my yummy treats to eat?

Catch ya later. xx

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