Monday, 27 January 2014

Book review involving cake!!!

This review is a little late as the book was a Christmas present from my cake-making big sister. Today's review is of "Brilliant Baking Step-by Step" by Ruth Clemens who was a finalist in the first series of The Great British Bake Off.

Right off the bat I loved the book, and why the heck not its pink! I am a huge fan of recipe books which give a list of useful tools and ingredients, ideas on how to get the best from your kitchen equipment and how to use what you already have in your store cupboards. I think Jamie Oliver is really good at doing this, too.

I thought it was fantastic of Ruth to include tips along the way, such as how to turn plain flour into self raising - who hasn't run out just at the wrong time? Ruth makes the point that baking is a science and I totally agree; measuring ingredients correctly is of paramount importance for a good bake.

Before we even reach Ruth's cake recipes there are a couple of Troubleshooting pages. I think it makes perfect sense to read this before you start so you can hopefully avoid making little mistakes later. I loved the tips on using up egg whites and yolks and I think homemade custard is just the best thing ever; I much prefer making it to opening a ready made packet!

Now to the actual cake making. Ruth gives you a step-by-step guide, of course, to the cakes requiring a creaming method, a whisking method and those needing a melting method. This allows you to make such classic bakes as a Victoria sponge, a genoise and a yummy tea bread. The selection of recipes is excellent because there are cakes with fruit for the summer, indulgent treat cakes with chocolate and cakes just perfect to go with a brew!

As far as the design of the book is concerned I like the way the pages are peppered with drawings of vintage kitchen utencils; I use an age-old fish knife and bone-handled fork when I am baking! 

All in all this book is a sweet treat to look at, a joy to read and a sure-fire winner. Whether you are a newbie to baking or looking for a tasty new recipe for a special occasion you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Lovely book, would make a great gift for someone new to baking, both informative and inspiring....perfect review Louise, looking forward to seeing pictures of some of your bakes from it! x


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