Saturday, 1 February 2014

Random ramblings - nothing new there then!

Good evening. 

Today's post is inspired by Pretty Nostalgic (PN) magazine again. Sorry, can't help it! Whilst reading the latest issue, subscriptions to this delicious magazine are available here, I scribbled down, there I go again, a few things which inspired me, reminded me of stuff or just gave me ideas.

I have recently purchased a good supply of soda crystals, commonly know as bicarbonate of soda.


I have been using it for cleaning various things around the kitchen as I am in the middle of a kitchen deep clean. This involves cleaning out every cupboard and drawer, vacuuming those hard to get at areas, dusting cupboard tops and having a general de-clutter. So, making a paste of the crystals and a drop of water I have cleaned out most cupboards and they have come up shiny like a new pin. I think I will use it next time with a drop of lemon juice; this can increase the cleaning power and, of course, it smells lovely. I've put aside items which other people may want, that which is beyond the pale plus items for the charity shop. I always have a look round when I drop things off hoping that I see something the shop will trade for what I am taking them instead of crossing their palm with silver. Still yet to manage it!

I don't have a lots of recipes of my mums and I was not that interested in baking when I was younger so don't have an old exercise book of recipes like I think my oldest sister probably does. However, since becoming a fully-fledged fan of baking and cooking I have acquired a few more books. I think my current favourite recipe is cheese and sweetcorn scones, just yummy - I plan to add this to the Foody Fun page of my blog. I am, however, an avid fan of collecting recipes for all food be it savoury or sweet; this means I am continually increasing the size of my recipe folder!

I am keen to sew more, for myself, the boys or the house but need to find a way to fit it in with the other things I like to do. It occurred to me the other day that I could re-purpose and make do and mend something which only sees the light of day for the month of December. That item is my Christmas draught excluder. I think I should find some fabric with which to create a sleeve so I can use it at other times of the year. I don't think this would be a difficult sewing project and I really should get myself organised and do it very soon!

So, there we have a few ramblings from your friendly non-blonde blonde. They were inspired by PN so maybe you could also get inspired by them or just let me know what inspires you? I would love to know.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing what inspires you.

Catch ya later! xx


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