Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Scribbler I Was, A Blogger I Be!

Ever since I can remember I have been a writer and a scribbler. If I had money to go to the shop with, my mum was never surprised when I came home with a super-sized jotter pad!

Throughout my life I have kept diaries, written poems, always been fond of letter writing and forever felt that you cannot beat the first, fresh page of a brand new notebook!

I am a continual list maker and lover of my Household Notebook (HN); if I don't write it down it just may not get done. Here is where you can get the printables I use, and more!  I am a planner of menus and for upcoming events on the organizer calendar I have on my kitchen wall. My HN is an idea from the States and it brings together all I need to keep body and soul in order throughout the house. (Whole sections of Pinterest are dedicated to printable sheets you can utilize to organize every aspect of you and family's lives.) Mine helps me with things like a daily To Do list, inventories for my freezers and shopping overflow, shopping lists, phone numbers and information about school/children.

I keep part of the article about Team Pugh from A Year Without Supermarkets and their shopping habits for inspiration.

The A4 folder stays on the kitchen table most days, along with my calendar it is command central for me and I love it!

I guess you could say my blogging comes as an extension of my love of scribbling, a place where I can ramble on and share my thoughts, every day goings on and happenings. I use my embellished journal for my scribbling for blog posts and other things.

I really do enjoy writing a great deal and a dream I have is for something to be published in a magazine; I was very flattered when asked on a couple of occasions to be a guest blogger. If I never get thousands of visitors to my blog I don't think I will care too much; for me it is about the writing, the words and the sharing. If people chose to read it and find something  I have talked about interesting, then that is just wonderful and I hope they, and you, continue to do so.

Thanks for stopping by and catch ya later! xx


  1. You are very organised Louise, I wish I could be but I'm quite the opposite and have given up trying to be any different .......brill ideas and photos, thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Ah Louise! I am loving this! I think my house would really benefit from something like this! Great idea! Thankyou!

  3. My pleasure. Glad to help!


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