Thursday, 16 January 2014

"I Have A Dream..."

Do you have a dream or share a dream with your other half? We have a family dream but we are working hard to turn it into a reality.CHECK
Given the chance, or when we have worked hard enough, we see ourselves living on a farm or small holding. I would be happy as a pig in muck in my wellies and apron feeding the chickens.CHECK. We would have an honesty box at the gate where people could pick up a dozen eggs when they needed them.

I long to grow my own vegetables CHECK and herbs and that 
pig I was happy as muck in, well we would have one or two
to feed up then put in the freezer! 

 I imagine canning, jam making and preserving in my kitchen and making and baking yummy things, with our own eggs,CHECK in the Aga CHECK that keeps our house warm and cosy. The scrubbed wooden table CHECK would always be there with a pot of tea or coffee and a plate of home made cakes and bakes.CHECK

I would love fruit trees so that, come the autumn, I would make lots of chutney, preserves and pies to put in my walk in larder where I would also store the spoils from my labour on the vegetable patch.

We don't currently have a dog CHECK but I imagine, if we did, the boys taking it out as they charge around in their wellies enjoying the outdoor life - with me saying be back at tea time!

Come the winter there would be no problem if we were snowed in as I am sure we would have a monster of a woodpile CHECK. With all my making and baking plus a freezer full we would more than survive until "the pass is open, the pass is open!" (Anybody familiar with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers?)

This sounds perfectly idylic to me and we are trying to hard to eventually make this life for ourselves and our boys.CHECK

What dreams or plans do you have? I would love you to share them with me.

Hope to hear from you.

Catch ya later! xx


  1. I am sure you will get to live your dream you are already on the way, I am already living my dream well most of it, still some things to dream about a lot more will fall into place when Martin is here full time then my dream will almost be complete :-)

    1. You really must be looking forward to the day when you can be together working your dream together full time.x


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