Friday, 10 January 2014

What began as a magazine review....?!

 I began this piece of writing with the intention of it being a magazine review because today I received the first issue of my Pretty Nostalgic (PN) subscription.

However, as I gradually turned the pages it also turned into a wonderful trip down memory lane.

When I first enthusiastically tore off the plastic wrapper the first thing I noticed was the smell of the paper. Mmm. As I  meandered through the pages I noticed my #PostCircle was mentioned. (This was set up by Anna from Miss Beatrix, a lovely vintage-style blog I follow.)

 I was also reminded that when you subscribe to PN you will be helping a charity through a philanthropic £12 donation from the magazine. Also, when you buy a subscription you have the chance to buy the back issues for just £5 - I currently have issue 1 and 2 on order!

The article entitled 'Ready For My Close Up' was about vintage make up products. My memory was nudged about such things as 4711 Eau do Cologne in that distinctive blue and silver bottle. 

 I discovered kirby grips are called as such because they were made by Kirby, Beard & Co. Ltd! I was lead back to school days when, too many years ago, a boyfriend bought me some Norman Hartnell "In Love" talc. 

The images of talcum powder in tins reminded me of my paternal grandmother, as did the bath salts cubes. And while we are at it, can you actually buy perfume funnels anymore?! A men's grooming kit was featured and my husband and I recently bought something very similar for a family member as a gift. 

***Light bulb moment!! I think vintage beauty products would fit perfectly in my spare room!**

The next article which brought back memories was 'People Who Came To The Door' , about pedlars who, in days gone by, sold their wares from trays or bicycles offering anything from ice cream and haberdashery items to muffins and household products.

 It reminded me of Mr Crowson's corner shop when I was young with wooden floorboards and shelves behind the counter, but he would also come around the village on a Saturday with his van selling various items. Underneath the base of the van's shelves was a big, wooden drawer which, when opened, revealed a plethora of sweets and treats on which to spend our pocket money.

The 'Live By Our Motto' pages are something I am really trying to keep to, along with the PN pledge. 

I have mentioned in a previous post about having milk delivered, buying produce from the local market, making bread and writing letters. (You get the idea.) I have a small number of pen pals who live in places from Cornwall to Carmarthenshire - and I received two letters just today! On a family note, when my two boys are on their individual activities after school with dad me and the one staying at home play Battleships on paper and draughts instead of watching TV.

I hope you have enjoyed my little nostalgia trip. Each issue of Pretty Nostalgic is indeed a collectors item and should be treasured as much as the memories it evokes. This is exactly what happened when I read my copy today, and I have yet to get the most out of it by any stretch! I cannot WAIT for the next issue and I very much hope you buy your own copies to enjoy and treasure.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that about the magazine. Looks very interesting:):) Yes, the puzzle peices are from this months stamp set by Avocado Arts. Thanks for stopping by today Louise!


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