Monday, 20 January 2014

A Little Catch Up On A Monday.

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So, yes, time I let you know what I have been up to. Well, in the last week or so I have sent for, received in the post and replied to lots of lovely things. I received four letters from #PostCircle buddies and other friends then managed to reply to three of them whilst having some lovely me time.

One of the things I received in the post was something called a Weekend Box.  

This is a collection of activities to help occupy your little ones on a weekend. I know I never liked Sundays when I was young so this is a fun way to enjoy that family time. I am normally great at setting up activities for my two; a trip to the library and a quick (?!) internet search and I can normally come up with anything from a hospital role play set up or printables for an airport check in! I thought this would be fun and I did actually get a promotional code from a friend (thanks Jocelyn), who has a wonderful blog called The Reading Residence, so thought why not give it a go in readiness to use them when one of the boys has a birthday after this coming weekend?

I did a really dumb thing and bought a poor substitute for my regular calendar for this new year of 2014 and it just shows that false economy is a waste of time and money. I am waiting for delivery of a copy of my usual one, see here. It is by Sandra Boynton and the best planner/calendar I have ever had - as a bit of an organising freak it is just the job for me.

Something I am about to order in just a few minutes are the next two back copies of my new obsession Pretty Nostalgic. Being a subscriber means you can order these fab back copies for just £5. I  have sold one of my embellished journals so am using the money for a little treat. 

Talking of treats, I am stashing £5 when I go shopping each week to use as a treat for me and hubby. Not sure if I will make it two treats for the year or save it for near the end of the year or one every couple of months - have to see. Eeeek!

 I am currently doing really well with my Journal of Gratitude that I began at the beginning of January. See here the unfinished front cover which I MUST get done!

I am managing to keep up to date and I am grateful for that! as I would hate to waste a lovely note book with lots of lovely blank pages to fill with yet more of my ramblings! One positive quote I found which I tweaked for my Journal was "Always be happy with what you have whilst you are working towards what you want". So so very true. Loved that. For more of the same follow @the_speakmans on Twitter.

Today I began my Spring/deep clean around the house. I love the website called Orgnanized Home. I take some of my Household Notebook printables from here and when I saw this challenge I thought this was just the thing for me. This week sees me concentrating on the living room and today have made a great start with paintwork, curtain rails and lamp shades. The biggest job will be the sofas but I am up to the task, I  know it! 

Well, seeing as I lost the first draft of this earlier I think I will not tempt fate and just let you read this. Thanks again for stopping by; not sure why anybody would like to read my ramblings but at least I have a record for myself of the day to day life of me and mine. 

I am trying to do  some new things with my blog this year so watch this space.

Catch ya later. xx



  1. Always love reading your blog Louise, The Weekend box looks fab, what a brill idea!
    Have just looked at the Pretty Nostalgic Website, lots of really interesting stuff - thanks for sharing that!


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