Monday, 27 October 2014

Our life-changing visit.

Good morning!

This is my last post of the month for a couple of reasons. My two liccle men are away with the Gramps until tomorrow, with it being half term; hubs and I are missing them terribly but know they will be having a wonderful time.

Therefore, with hubs back to work after the weekend I am having a little me time. I have just yesterday finished some Christmas bunting as a gift for somebody and I'm really pleased with how it turned out; hope to wrap that up today then add it to my festive stash!

The main reason I will not be blogging for a few days is that our trip to the Isle of Lewis in the western isles of Scotland  is getting very close, at last! Hubs and I are so very excited, all be it a little nervous, about visiting what we feel will be the place and home of our dreams. All our arrangements are made; accommodation booked, ferry travel sorted, visit to the school booked and of course estate agents contacted.

We have to be prepared for the slight possibility of arriving on the island and finding it is not for us after all. We were given wonderful advice early on in this venture -  

"houses (in that part of the world) generally sell well to very committed people, but usually it takes a while for the right people to come along; not everyone wants the remoteness, even in return for the safety and beauty!" - this is exactly what we are looking for!

Hubs and I have had such positive reactions about our plans from those who really know the kind of people we are, along with wonderful assistance and guidance from those helping us to arrange this adventure.

We feel deep down this is the right thing for us as a family. I really do become quite emotional when I think of the reasons why we truly hope it will be all we hope for. I wrote the following entry in my Smash Book I am creating for this journey - 

"life is truly too short to be afraid of who you want to be, or of doing what you want to do. Live your dreams and make them a reality" Now I am almost in tears.

Our wish for so long has been to have a smallholding or small farm where we can take ourselves back to basics, prove we can make our own food, keep animals for our own use and live differently from the fast pace of life of which we have always been a part. As well as this a huge part of our plans has always been to give the boys a wonderful childhood whilst they are young enough and hopefully provide them with some very different life skills for the future.

I can very much imagine some people may think we are living in cloud cuckoo land, fooling ourselves and basically just dreaming. As I write this I have butterflies in my stomach of expectation, anticipation and a hundred other emotions I cannot even explain. I believe these feelings will transform into a flight of life, not fantasy, and our aspirations and plans will eventually come together in a very positive way.

I cannot wait to share the experience of our trip with you when we come back.xx



  1. A fantastic post Louise, and so lovely to see your vision of what many of us dream of too. Your passion of this vision will become reality and is happening already. It's lovely that each stage of your new journey will be recorded on paper, feelings,emotions & excitement! An incredible positive change & enlightenment of life, a better life that you will truly all be living. Free, fresh clean air, walks & exploration of new things. I cannot wait to hear more of this wonderful place. Thank you for sharing this time with us all. Good luck & enjoy every moment of your new path ahead :-) xx

  2. Sam. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for our forthcoming adventure. Your words were very encouraging and I will indeed share our experiences when we come back.x

  3. I'm so excited for you, Looby! This will be a fantastic new adventure in your wonderful life, and it couldn't happen to a more fabulous woman!

    1. Is that you Adi?


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