Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago this July 4 hubs and I returned to work after our fabulous wedding in Cyprus, full of the joys of new marriage and plans for the future when we moved from London to Chester.

I travelled to work on the tube two days later, 10 years ago today. Arriving at Earls Court we were directed up to street level but we didn't know why. I had to find my way to Putney and eventually got on a bus. Whilst travelling to work I managed to hear Sally Traffic on Radio Two with news that there had been some major disruption on the tube network.

By the time I reached the office everybody was glued to the internet at their desks and news had begun filtering through about the terrorist attacks. Not much work was done that day and by lunch time we were told to try and make our way home. It was suggested you somehow didn't get on a tube or a bus but getting around London without either is difficult. I figured out a route, all be it very long, by walking some distance and then managing to get a bus back to Deptford.

Looking back I remember in the coming days I was very pleased that I knew by August Bank holiday we would be settled in Chester with our new resaurant business, but that is a whole other story. 

Thinking of all those affected by the events of that day.


  1. Louise, we lived closer in those days than we do now! Rich and I we're living in Lewisham! I got to work on the over ground train as usual that day and remember we decided to stay put in the office when we realised what had happened less than a mile from where we sat at Exmouth Market. I left the office around 5pm that afternoon and walked across the city to meet Rich at London Bridge, it was an eerie experience. We got home and watch the TV shell shocked with what had happened, later in bed we held each other tight so grateful that we hadn't been directly effected.
    We were woken by Rich's best friend at midnight his girlfriend was missing and he knew we had a car so asked Rich to drive him round the hospitals to look for Karolina. Ten days later our worst fears were confirmed Karolina Gluck had been killed on the Piccadilly Line. So I remember this day with great melancholy and find it hard to believe that 10 years have passed, so many people were directly or less so effected that day.

    1. Hey Bert. What a small world! Yes, when I told Jon I was heading home he was so worried because I had to use some form of transport and we, too,were so pleased to be home together. I can still remember the sunshine and the excitement of going to work on the Monday as a married lady, not ever imagining what would happen within days.
      So sorry to hear about your friend.xx


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